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Michigan Central

The Michigan Central Engagement team is planning and designing early program opportunities – and we are seeking public insight and feedback on the work in progress. With ongoing public input and dialogue, Michigan Central will become an integral part of the neighborhood – a place that is authentically Detroit, by everyone and for everyone. Please share your insight! 

Michigan Central - Mobility.jpg

Michigan Central is the hub for Ford’s global mobility initiative and the future workplace for 5,000 jobs in mobility and related fields.

Michigan Central - Entrepreneurship.jpg

Michigan Central supports entrepreneurship as a driver for innovation and centerpiece of neighborhood identity.

Michigan Central - Arts & Culture.jpg

Michigan Central is committed to celebrating local culture through authentic events, community partnerships and public art.

Arts & Culture
Michigan Central - Open Space.jpg

Michigan Central is reimagining vacant land as a welcoming and connected series of landscaped open spaces with people-friendly neighborhood connections

Open Space


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